Review Tamanu Öl™

Review Tamanu Öl™


 Anti-Aging Secrets of Supermodels

 A team of top supermodels - Cheryl Tiegs, Beverly Johnson and Carol Alt -share their anti-aging secrets with Dr. Oz.

Carol's Secret

Carol loves tamanu nut oil, a natural substance that has been used medicinally in Southeast Asia for thousands of years. An anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.source:Dr.Oz

 Tamanu Öl macht die Haut nicht fettig.

 Tamanu Öl macht die Haut nicht fettig.
Es macht die Haut trockener und wirkt auf Narben und Wunden.


 Acne treatment

 Tamanu oil is a great remedy and treatment for many, many ailments (most of which we cover in this site), but one of the most popular main uses of this rich oil is for acne. Yes, you can treat acne with oil, can you believe it? If you suffer from acne in any capacity I highly advise you try this out for yourself, the results are fantastic.


 I love this Tamanu oil particularly for my eczema. I suffer from it on my hands, and at times when the itch gets so bad I can't help myself but scratch it, it gets oozy. This oil dries it right up, takes away the itch and burn and heals the eczema patch. It is a bit of a drying oil, so I do find I need to apply a good moisturiser on top. source:bellona

 Tamanu Oil

 Over the past 20 years, I have tried numerous natural topical products (I'm in my early 40's) and am excited to share that Tamanu Oil is what is working amazing for me - nothing else has ever come close. I have been using it at night for 2 weeks and any redness and irritation I used to have is going away. My skin is much less reactive as well. After I wash my face, I apply the tamanu while my face is still wet and I rub it in very well. I have read that tamanu can eliminate facial spider veins as well, but obviously it is much too soon to comment on that. source:amazon


 Various treatments Tamanu Oil

 The oils of the seed and root have been used to treat wounds and scabies. In Pacific island folk medicine, the oil has been topically applied to treat various ailments such as cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites and stings, abrasions, acne and acne scars, psoriasis, diabetic sores, anal fissures, sunburn, dry or scaly skin, blisters, eczema, herpes sores, and to reduce foot and body odor. The oil has also been topically applied to the neck area to treat sore throat. The oil is valued for its analgesic and pain-relieving properties and has been used to treat neuralgia, rheumatism, and sciatica. The oil is used in Chinese traditional medicine to treat rheumatism, skin infections, wounds, leprous nephritis, pain, and inflammation. [1,2,3,4]
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